Thursday, 29 March 2012

Quick Dessert!

What do you do when your husband follows you around for a couple of hours at least, asking for a dessert, because he will burst if he doesn’t eat any sugar?
Do you tell him to actually eat a spoonful of sugar? Well, I admit it, there were a few times when I told him just that, because I was not in a baking mood. 
Yesterday though I decided that he had suffered enough and I baked a little something quick, using whatever I had available in my pantry.
I made a banana-petit beurre biscuit thing…
I chopped bananas, drizzled with a simple sugar syrup and then crumbled a few biscuits on top, added cinnamon, raisins and a little butter in very very small cubes.
I used an oven proof glass dish.
I don’t know how long I baked it, I was just checking for the banana to “feel” melted.

Surprisingly it is really tasty!

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