Monday, 2 April 2012

Bread Pudding!

I have to say that I am on a strict diet. 
So is G. because I need the support and he needs to lose a few kilos as well.
Thankfully we have a free day in the week and we can eat like normal people do (I think…). 
So, we ate some bread for breakfast, had fries with our lunch and DESSERT!

I made a bread pudding (whole wheat, so healthy, right?)!

What I love about them is that you don’t need special quantities and ingredients, well except bread, milk and eggs of course. This is what I used:


1 pack of whole wheat sliced bread, cubed
2 eggs
250gr margarine
milk chocolate chips
1 can of evaporated sweetened milk
caramel syrup

I melted the margarine and tossed in the cubed bread and cooked until rather brown. I lightly beat the eggs, I added the milk and whisked again.
In an oven safe bowl I put half the bread, then half the chips and raisins, then the rest of the bread. I poured the milk/eggs mixture, I sprinkled with the rest of the chips and raisins and finally I added the caramel syrup and some cinammon.
I baked it until it was bubbly and creamy, I think it was around 20-25 minutes.

Note: As I was in need for chocolate I added more chocolate chips after I took it from the oven!!!!! You can also use any kind of bread or plain milk or heavy cream, etc.

Almost ready for the oven!


Right out of the oven!!!!

See how the chocolate melted with the caramel?

 You cannot believe the smell and the taste.... I wish I could have it everyday and not gain any weight.... (the diet is going well, though, so I shouldn't complaint).

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