Monday, 19 March 2012

Style thing!

Do you know "Polyvore"?

Well, I didn't.
I just found it and it was like I was living in isolation.

I have been taking photos of my clothes, shoes and bags and keeping them in organized databases in my computer (please don't freak out, I am this organized!!!), because I have a lot of them, especially shoes, 100+ at least!
And when you want to wear black shoes to an outfit, you must know what your choices are and not forget that you have a particular pair......

I have been printing style cards of my clothes and accessories in various combinations for quite some time now to keep them at hand and therefore have outfit suggestions ready all the time. And there is a whole site dedicated to this? Making it easy? Oh my God!

So I am addicted... I love the huge huge pool of images, the ideas, everything!

This is where you can find my style!!!

Because of my many shoes and accessories and other stuff, I needed an appropriate space to put them in. So I had to move G. out of a room.... More in a later post!!!!!!!

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