Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Birthday present!

A little while back it was my niece’s birthday and I (well, G. and I, but I almost always choose the presents) wanted to give her something special.
I generally do not want to buy ready-made presents. If I have the time I want to make or put together something or at least search more for a present that corresponds to the person’s interests, lifestyle and age. I only buy a present without much thought, if I don’t have time or don’t really care…

Anyway, our niece is 10. She is a smart girl, who likes doing a lot of things in her free time. 

I decided to put together a “BAKING HUMPER”!!!! 
It was only natural for me to go this way, as I love baking!
I bought a lovely box and filled it with goodies.

An apron, a chef's hat and an oven mitten!

Cookie cutters, cupcake cases and cards with recipes!

Cake tools, almonds, raisins, dates!

3 basic liquid colors, measuring spoons and pastry bag with tips!

This is a selection of homemade jams (by me!!!!),spices, colored sugar and almond essence!

I found sugar decorations (hearts, small lips non pareils and other girly designs), which I put in a box!

As she likes red, fuchsia and pink colors, I tried to keep that scheme!
I printed my own labels and recipe cards with the images on them corresponding to the cookie cutters: the letter “M”, lips and crown! 
I used pink and red ribbons, as well!

She absolutely loved it! 
It was a big surprise and she especially liked the fact that it was a personalized present!


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