Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Daring Bakers - June 2012

It's time for challenge Nr. 3.
This time we made a Battenberg cake!
I was really excited when I saw this, because I've always wanted to make one.

The challenge was chosen by Mandy over at What the fruitcake?.

Battenberg cake is a classic english cake in two colours, usually pink and yellow, covered in marzipan.

For the challenge though, we could make any colour cake we wanted and we could cover it not only in marzipan, but also in fondant, in modelling chocolate, or ever buttercream!

You can find the recipe here.

I don't have a specialty Battenberg cake pan, so I divided my rectangle pan using aluminium foil.

One part is vanilla tinted pink and the other is chocolate.

Now that I trimmed the cake the colours show better!

I "glued" the cake pieces together with apricot jam and covered the cake with dark modelling chocolate.
I did have some trouble rolling the chocolate, BUT I so enjoyed the taste that I don't think I will ever cover this cake in anything else but chocolate.

Next time? Probably white chocolate.....

The taste was really great!

What I love about this cake is the versatility of it. You can make any kind of cake, you can cover it in anything you like, you can colour the cakes to coordinate your party, you can decorate the covering, etc!

It is amazing!!!

Mandy, a big thanks for this great cake!!!!


chef_d said...

Looks delicious, great job!

Ruth Ellis said...

Looks really yummy - especially with all the chocolate! Fantastic job

shelley c. said...

I love the combination of the pink and chocolate. Looks delicious! And you are so right - this really is a versatile little cake that can be made for lots of fun occasions! Really great job.

Korena said...

Looks great! And you're right, white chocolate plastique on the outside would be just beautiful too :)