Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Breakfast hamper!

I believe in homemade gifts, whenever possible. I think I have mentioned that several times.
It is a great feeling, watching your loved ones open up a present and really be surprised and happy!
I also "work" my brain hard every time I must give a present, because I want the present to accurately match the interests and the personality of the person in question.

My cousins had their 7th wedding anniversary a few days back, so they hosted a big party/dinner at their house. G. and I were not sure what to get them. They didn't actually "need" anything and we didn't want to get them flowers or a bottle of wine. We only knew it had to be something for the both of them to enjoy.

Suddenly I came up with the idea of making a breakfast hamper, just like I had done for my sister a couple of years ago for the morning after her wedding night.
G. thought it was brilliant and not common, so we were set on that! Luckily I had about 10 days to prepare everything.
I had to come up with a menu, make colour assortments, decide on the label style and find packing supplies!

This is the final result!

This is the menu:
1) Orange cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and sugar paste mini roses.
2) Double decker sugar cookies "hearts" covered with sugar paste and a painted "Nr. 7".
3) Cake pops "hearts" covered with white chocolate.
4) Chocolate chip cookies classic.
5) Sugar & Spice nuts.
6) Chocolate & paprika mini bonbons.
7) Mini red "heart" sugar cookies.
8) Apple - Pear jam.
9) Butterscotch.
10) Tomato & Feta cheese muffins.
11) Breakfast cereal with dried fruit and chocolate.
12) Vanilla waffles.
13) A selection of teas.
14) Filter coffee with vanilla aroma.
15) Brown sugar.
16) Rock sugar (in crystals).

For the packaging I used cellophane bags for sugar cookies and waffles, CD paper cases for the chocolate chip cookies, confectionery boxes for the cupcakes and cake pops, a tall round tin for the nuts, a small round tin for the bonbons, small jars for the cereal, coffee, sugars, jam and butterscotch, clear plastic cases for the muffins wrapped in cellophane bags and finally 2 clear glass MUGS for the teabags!

I designed the labels myself, using good old Word. Want a sample?

Mmmm, classic choc chip cookies...

My cousins were so impressed and happy! They texted me the next morning, telling me how much they enjoyed their breakfast! Maria actually got a little sentimental...

Isn't this kind of giving better and more personal? I think so....

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