Friday, 27 April 2012

Daring Bakers - April 2012

Good morning!

OK, I am very happy today. I get to post about my very first Daring Bakers Challenge!!!

I saw in other blogs from time to time posts on Daring Bakers Challenges and I was intrigued. It was really interesting as a concept.
People from all over the world, who love baking, come together once a month and bake the same recipe and compare results! Who wouldn't love this idea?

So I took part in the April Challenge.
The recipe was chosen by Jason at
Two Armenian recipes that look amazing: Nazook and Nutmeg Cake.

I only had time to make the Nutmeg Cake. But I will surely try the Nazook at some point, because the comments and pictures of the fellow Bakers are so yummy!!!

It sunk a little in the middle...

The only change I made was that I ommited the nuts. Also it took longer to bake than the given time.
The result is a moist cake, very tasty with mouthwatering fragrance.
The crust is so good! Good enough to eat on its own!

The nutmeg is intense, but I liked it. Next time I will try it with cinnamon or even with cocoa? We will see..
This recipe is a keeper!

I can't wait for the next Challenge!!!!!

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