Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Chocolate cupcakes!

It was G.'s Name Day a couple of days back and I wanted to make something for his co-workers at the office.
I always try to find reasons to bake, so I took advantage of that!!!

I decided to go for chocolate, as everyone loves it. Any other taste would not be certain, but you can never go wrong with Chocolate. And Nutella.....

I made Chocolate cupcakes with Nutella filling and Nutella Buttercream.
(That's a lot of chocolate...).

It is super easy to make them.

Use any kind of chocolate cake recipe, fill with Nutella and frost with a simple buttercream with Nutella in it. There you have it!

I filled the cases using a small ladle.

Fresh from the oven.

I used an apple corer to make a small hole.

See? I didn't go all the way down.

Filled with Nutella...

Ready to be eaten!!!

I put them in boxes for safe transportation.

I decorated with chocolate covered hazelnuts!!!

They are so yummy and everybody at G's office loved them!

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