Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Valentine's treats!

There is an amazing site, which I love checking almost everyday. If you are into food blogs and baking, then you should know Bakerella and her cute cake pops (among other yummy stuff....)!
This is her site:

I saw a lovely post of some treats she had made for Valentine's Day. They are cute, delicious, super easy and super fast! (

Since I had nothing prepared for the day, I decided to make them before G. came from work. So I simply popped in the supermarket on my way home and bought 1 milk and 1 white chocolate. I also had red food colour at home.
In her post Bakerella used candy molds, which I do not have. I just have 1 small square. Instead I used my cookie cutters to create different sizes and shapes!

I melted the chocolates and coloured the white one pink.

I cut a small piece of parchment paper, put it on a small plate and made the little heart with a toothpick. Then I placed the cookie cutter on the paper, making sure the heart was in the middle.
 I put all the hearts in the freezer for at least 30 min. to firm.
 I poured the chocolate on top of the hearts and I put them back in the freezer. This is what they look like:

Be careful how you remove the cookie cutter (I broke one...)

 I also used a large heart cookie cutter and I inverted the chocolates, in order to create a pink heart!

They were ready in about 1 hour!

Thank you for this lovely inspiration Bakerella!

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