Wednesday, 8 February 2012


I realised that I have posted a lot of foodie topics and I still have a few more that I haven’t posted yet.
I guess this shows a tendency…

I have a whole shelf with recipes: books I have bought or been given, recipes I found in magazines or from other people, DVDs, etc.
I spent last summer organising my cut out recipes. I typed every single one in Word and printed them. I put them in large folders, divided in subjects.
This year I added on more folder, which I named “Techniques”, as I want to learn basic recipes and ultimately decide on which is the best recipe i.e. for sugar cookies, cheesecake, icings… You get the idea!

Maybe this tendency is why I started a diet and yesterday I went to the gym after a very long time!!!
I love food and cooking and trying new recipes and of course eating what I make, which is the reason for my extra weight. 

The thing is I also love fashion and clothes and shoes and reading fashion magazines and visiting fashion sites and blogs (no, you cannot see that in this blog…. at least not until I lose a few kilos!), so I have to not bake very often …… 

We will see how that will go.

In the gym I used a machine called “Power Vibe”, which has a vibrating base and you exercise on that, under the guidance of a personal trainer. It was really fun and you feel as if you were training for 1 hour instead of 15 – 20 minutes! 


P.S. I will try to post more fashion and style/styling topics, I swear!

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