Friday, 25 May 2012

Cupcakes & Sugar Cookies!

Have I mentioned enough times that I like home made presents?

Well, I made cupcakes and sugar cookies!!!

Orange cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and sugar paste roses!

For the cake I used self rising flour enriched with orange aroma, I made a simple buttercream frosting, which I tinted with Wilton Gel colours and the roses are made with sugar paste.
This is actually my first attempt with roses. I cut very thin strips of sugar paste and rolled them!

I also made large heart double decker sugar cookies (vanilla).

The number "7" is painted on using a brush and some thinned gel colour.

I attached the small hearts on the large ones, using melted white chocolate.

I decorated them with sugar paste.

The colours are so fresh!
And the taste so good (not to mention the smell!!)!

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