Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Brown Sugar Strawberry jam!

Whenever I have time in the morning, usually on Sundays, I like to have a nice rich breakfast.
So I prepare orange juice, a cheese and ham toast, jam and some home baked bread or even muffins and cereal with milk, nice hot coffee...
Sunday is my free (off diet...) day, so I try to enjoy myself!

Generally I make my own jams, I rarely buy ready made ones. Whenecer I have fruit that is a week old, I turn them to jam. This way I always have jams on hand to use on bread, in a pie or in a pastaflora tart!

This time I had some strawberries, so I made some jam..... with a twist...

I added brown sugar and a tablespoon of butter...

I use the Kenwood Bread Maker and its recipe, which also makes cakes, jams, pizza dough and other delicious things!

I cut the strawberries in rather large pieces.
I put everything in the bin. Can you see the brown sugar and the butter?
Love the dark colour.


Glorious morning!
The picture does not do it justice.
It was actually a lot brighter and the sea had such a vivid blue colour! There were a couple of ships in the horizon and you could see the masts of the yachts down at the marina.This is the view from my terrace!!
So serene!

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