Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Surprise Christmas Cake!

This Christmas one of the presents I baked was a surprise inside cake! With a little Christmas tree!

I forgot to take pictures during the making of this cake..... but here is the finished product!

It is very simple to make, you just need a little more time than usual.
First I baked a sheet cake with I tinted green, as I wanted to make a tree.
Then, using a tree cookie cutter, I cut the whole sheet cake into small Christmas trees.
I made a chocolate cake batter, so that there would be a contrast and the Chistmas tree would stand out.
I lined the cake tin with parchment paper and smeared some cake batter. Then I places the little trees on top, standing and snuggly.
I filled every gap with batter on the sides and on top. You need to cover the tops of the trees. I didn't a very good job, so I had to cover the finished cake with a little melted chocolate.
I baked it normally, just make sure that the cake tester is inserted aroung the centre of the cake, because the actual centre is already baked!

I also made a version with a yellow star inside!

People loved it!!!! So cute!


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