Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Cookie dough stuffed cupcakes!

Cookie dough is one of my favourite things. Well, eggless raw dough.
I don't care much for raw egg....

I baked vanilla cupcakes, but instead of plain white sugar, I used dark brown sugar.
I prepared the cookie dough, formed small balls to fit the cupcake cases and placed them in the friezer.

What I did was to drop some cake batter in the cases and place a frozen dough ball in the middle. While the cupcakes are baked, the batter rises and covers the ball.

I love these close-ups...
Yes, I did eat a few balls, while making them!
Brown sugar cake.

Fresh from the oven!

Some formed air pockets...

Great taste, great idea!
If you can actually resist eating the cookie dough...


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