Thursday, 11 June 2015

Breakfast Shakes!

On weekdays in the morning I am running around like crazy, trying to get myself and Ioanna ready for our day.
Most of the times I do not have time for a warm sit-down breakfast. This is a luxury I enjoy on the weekend!

What I have found easy and convenient as an on-the-go breakfast are the shakes!

I use almond milk, ice cubes, avocado, whey protein powder, chia and flax seeds as my base and work from there. Some of the choices I add are berries, apples, pears, nuts and cocoa powder!

Add to your blender and blitz!

My favourite, though, is this:

It is a chocolate shake with almonds, cinnamon, avocado and 1/2 apple. Yum!

Delicious, healthy, packed with nutrients!

You cannot go wrong with this!


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