Friday, 30 January 2015

Rainbow Sky bedding!

I had in my mind, for quite some time a certain project for pillows and cushions for Ioanna's bed.

The idea was the sky, with a sun, a rainbow, clouds and drops of rain!

The pale blue sheet is the sky and I sewed all the little pillows.

I printed in A3 paper a couple of cloud templates and used them to cut the white fabric, so I ended up with two clouds, one small and one large.

The drops I drew freehand, as the sun.

The rainboy was a bit trickier, in that I wanted to make the colours with satin ribbons. I cut a white rectangle and sewed the ribbons on one side and let them hang. Then I cut the back side of the pillow and sewed it together.

I filled them, closed them and there you have it! It took me about one morning to make them all. Of course she wasn't home...

It was a big surprise when she returned! She loved her bed! Especially the rainbow pillow. She likes to hug it and sleep with it under her arm!


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