Friday, 7 November 2014

Playing with Barbie dolls !!! - 04

Well, it was only natural that I would make a doll house .....

I took an old used IKEA Billy bookcase and simply added furniture and shelves.

The kitchen is the bottom of a detergent box, covered with plain white paper and hand drawn by me. For the shelf I used white cardboard paper and defined the edges with a black marker.

 Snow White is baking!

 The beds are made from shoe box lids. I also made the matresses and the bed linen.

 I made the fire place myself!

I still want to add things, i.e. wallpapers, windows, a balcony, more shelves, etc., but you get the idea!

Ioanna loves it! (I love it too, I have a thing for miniatures and doll houses!)


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