Wednesday, 6 February 2013

More cookbooks!

I have a lot of recipes. A couple of years back, I took all the recipes I had cut from magazines or books or the ones I noted on a piece of paper and scanned and printed them.
So everything is organised by theme and category!

I also have many books.

I keep on saying that I will not buy any more, that I have so many recipes yet to try in my files, that if I need to find a particular recipe I can visit my favourite blogs and all that stuff.

Want to guess what I got for my birthday (among other things)? Yep, cookbooks!

Both my sister and my cousin gave me books they knew I would love! To be quite frank, my sister asked me which I wanted and she ordered them on line.
My cousin had them brought from Qatar.... I know!

This "Jamie Oliver 30-minute meals" was actually my present to G., but I wanted to have it ever since I saw Jamie Oliver on TV preparing heavenly brownies!

Lakeland is an amazing store! My cousin's husband works in Qatar and knew I would like everything about it. He also gave me the store catalogue. Great things!
This is "Cupcakes & Cookies" cook book that features very pretty photographs, besides delicious recipes!
This is a fun one, "Dress your cupcake" by Joanna Farrow, also from the Lakeland store. I can't wait to decorate my cupcakes with my little one!
Cute ideas!
My sister's present 01:
I am the kind of person who likes to lick the bowl and taste the cookie dough. So naturally when I came across this book, I knew it was for me.
"Cookie dough lover's cookbook" by Lindsay Landis from Love and Olive Oil ...
Even the name is delicious!
I have already made "peanut butter cookie dough cups" as a Thank-You for my sister and lovely Blondies are sure to follow!

My sister's present 02:
"Sweet Designs" is a selection of Amy Atlas' projects and recipes. This lady is so talented! Her ideas are truly inspiring! I am so glad to have finally have her book on my shelf!

I love flipping through the pages and looking at the beautiful pictures!

Thank you for the presents!!!!

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