Friday, 21 September 2012

Sugar Cookies!

I don't know why I love sugar cookies so much...

Any taste, any shape, any size... They are so versatile and you can play all you want with them.
I have a basic recipe and I work from that.
I like experimenting with flavours, icings and anything else I can think of!

I have made cinnamon flavour and I painted on them to resemble Dutch Porcelain!

One of my favourite is the Very vanilla sugar cookie, because I double the amount of vanilla essence. On these I used sugar paste tinted in assorted colours.
And I made them double deckers for double pleasure!

I also made apples, oranges and pears with vanilla flavour!
I decorated them with royal icing.

These "2"s are lemon sugar cookies, for which I used lemon zest, a couple of lemon juice drops and lemon enhanced vanilin.

As you can see, the "left overs" from the "2"s were filled with red & pink crushed candy and then baked, because I wanted to get this window glass effect!

Well, these are very cute. Honey sugar cookies!
I substituted some sugar for honey, cut small strips, rolled them and voila!

These are what I call, the healthy sugar cookie, made with dark brown sugar.
These are the ones I bake for Ioanna.
You cannot believe their smell!

These are a little strange. They are Green Tea sugar cookies. I tinted the dough green and the aroma of green tea comes from the sugar. I put a couple of green tea bags in a container with plain white sugar and left it closed for about a week. When I opened it, the smell was great!
The green tea taste of the cookies was not so intense, but I liked the result, so I will make them again, using a different technique, using green tea butter!

These are Ioanna's cookies!!!
I made the dough a little softer than it is normally, we rolled them and shaped them (both Ioanna and I), put some coloured RI roses on top, small pieces of marzipan (no, I didn't give her any marzipan, she is too young for nuts) and homemade pink sprinkles!
Oh, they were a hit!

I have many more ideas that I can't wait to try!!!!

I know I haven't mentioned any cocoa or chocolate. This is because I haven't tried to make my sugar cookie recipe using cocoa powder yet and also because I have found a chocolate cookie recipe that I think I like best.
I will come back on that subject!

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