Friday, 28 September 2012

Daring Bakers - September 2012

For the September Challenge we had a really good concept. It was chosen by Patriv from Asi son las cosas.

We were given a few options on the dough and the filling choices were suggested, but pretty much left to our appetite!
So I made ground beef and cheese empanadas with a corn flour dough!

I made the ground beef sauce.
I left the dough to rise.
I put the dough in the pan using my hands, because it is not the type that can be rolled.
The cheese I used is Gouda.
Then the layer of beef (I strained it a bit, so that there wasn't much liquid).
G. is helping!
Ready to bake.
This is how it looks inside.

So easy to make and so good!!!!!!

Thank you for the Challenge Patriv!


What's for dessert? said...

Delicious empanada, great job on the challenge!

UFRV said...

Wow, you are one of the few who decided on the corn flour dough and you did a GREAT job! The filling looks awesome with the corn crust. Glad you liked it! Congrats on the challenge :)

Ruth Ellis said...

That looks fantastic - yum!