Thursday, 22 December 2011

Caramel Banana Chocolate moist cake!

Since it was my birthday on Monday, I decided to bake something myself and bring to my co-workers, instead of buying treats from a pastry shop.
So I chose a cake that goes well with our morning coffee: Chocolate cake with banana and caramel!!!!!!

I used a simple recipe for cocoa cake, but substituded the cocoa with bitter chocolate to even out the sweetness of the bananas and the caramel.

I made a very easy caramel, pelting brown sugar and butter in a pan. I poured the caramel in a baking pan and while still warm I put on top slices of banana. I prepared the batter and poured it on top and baked it. Then I inverted it oa a serving platter.

The bananas are supposed to be visible! The small cakes (for G.) are cute and the bananas are visible, but the large cake (for the office) didn't turn out like that, because the bananas sunk...

The cake was very moist because of the caramel and the melted chocolate!!!!

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