Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Birthday around the corner.

So my birthday is a couple of days away.
I realized that I am not in the mood for anything this year. It's on Monday, which is a working day, plus there is no time right now to make any kind of preparations for a gathering. But mainly I just don't feel like it...

Yesterday I was looking at some old birthday pictures and I found the best birthday cake I have ever made (in my humble opinion!!).

The cake was chocolate and the filling was chocolate buttercream.
I covered the cake with sugar paste, which was white tinted with brown and a little bit of yellow. Also I tinted some with a little red to achieve this intense pink colour for the bow and stars (Wilton paste colours).
The leopard details were painted using a thin brush and a very simple rather thin icing, just like you would do if you were painting on paper.
I was very proud of my work!!!

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