Saturday, 17 March 2018

Pink birthday cake and a try on ermine buttercream!

I have made many birthday cakes and baked goods in general. I really find it is no fuss to make a sky high birthday cake! 1-2-3... ready!

When I bake for others and by that I mean my kid and my husband as well, I take into account their tastes and preferences.
When I bake for me on my birthday, I always try something new, be it a flavor or a technique.

This time I tried a new recipe for white cake and for buttercream? Well I had on my mind for a long time the "cooked" or ermine buttercream!

The white cake is by the lovely Sweetapolita.

Very good, very tasty!

I found the ermine buttercream recipe on the site of Summer's Cake Paper Party! A very trusted site with great recipes!
You start with a roux, which you beat in the butter.

I couldn't get the buttercream to be as silky as SMB, but it is very tasty!

The colour is rather intense, but I loved it!


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