Sunday, 3 July 2016

Chocolate Icebox "Cheesecakey" Dessert !

Well this is a very belated post indeed!

A little while back it was Easter Sunday in Greece.

As tradition has it, we were all gathered together for the big Easter Sunday lunch feast, which is comprised mostly of meaty dishes. Lamp, kokoretsi, frigadeli with liver, sausages, etc....... You get the idea!

Also as tradition has it in my family, I made the dessert! Usually I make my very favorite classic baked cheesecake, but this time I opted for something fresher.

I don't often make a no-bake cheesecake, so I don't have a specific recipe that I always use. When I do make one, it is a classic vanilla cheesecake with fruit compote topping (sour cherries or strawberry).

This time I wanted something with chocolate!

The title of this post says "cheesecakey", because there are other ingedients in this dessert as well except cream cheese, so it is not a clear cheesecake....

Icebox "cheesecakey" dessert with chocolate
recipe adapted from here

750gr chocolate cookies stuffed with vanilla filling
100gr butter melted
500gr cream cheese
200gr icing sugar
300gr instant chocolate pudding + the milk needed to make it
600gr instant chantilly cream + the milk needed to make it
1 tbsp vanilla extract

* Crush the cookies to rather coarse, but not very fine, reserving 1/2 cup for garnish.
* Combine them with the melted butter.
* Take a round pan (about 35cm) and press the cookies to the bottom.
* Mix the cream cheese with the icing sugar.
* Prepare the chantilly.
* Mix cream cheese mixture with 1/2 of chantilly and spread over the cookie layer.
* Prepare the chocolate pudding and spread it on top of the cream cheese.
* Let it set for a little in the fridge.
* Spread the remaining chantilly on top of the chocolate and sprinkle with the reserved crushed cookies.
* Let it sit in the fridge overnight.

See these layers? Crunchy bottom, cheesecake freshness, chocolate heaven, chantilly lightness and more crunchiness....

A few notes:
- It is AMAZING!
- The cookie layer is a bit hard, from the butter, so it takes a little efford to cut the bottom when serving.
- It is AMAZING!
- At first, as the dessert is cold, the pieces will hold their shape. As it gets more to room temperature, though, it will start to "slide"!. Put it back in the fridge!
- It is AMAZING!

As you may have noticed.... this dessert is soooo good! It is the great ending to a huge feast, as it is light and cool!

Everyone loved it!


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