Friday, 12 September 2014


We are back!

Returning from summer vacation is always bittersweet... You miss your home, but at the same time you miss that relaxing, carefree feeling!

We only went away for two weeks, never the less we had a very good time!

Mountainous Korinthia, seaside Kiato and seaside Kimi. Great time, great scenery, great beaches, great food!

Waiting for the tomatos in our garden to get all red...

 The blackberry season started... We went berry picking!

 We relaxed under the fir trees in our garden....

We played at the beach and searched for sea glass...

Listening to the waves...

I am looking back and feel good with the quality and great time of our vacation.

I am looking ahead and wishing for a prosperous, cold (yes, I prefer the cold to the heat!) winter.


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