Thursday, 7 August 2014

Playing with Barbie dolls !!! - 01

I love Barbie and thankfully Ioanna has about 5-6 dolls for me to play with.... Ha ha, I know, but I don't feel that old to play with them!!

I also like sewing! For me, for Ioanna, for the Barbies! It was inevitable that I would make Barbie clothes. After all I needed to use all the scrap fabric pieces I have!

I rarely use patterns. I simply measure the dolls and draw a rough picture and then I cut the fabric and sew it. I correct what I must right on the spot.

from left to right

black satin belt - red silk dress - pink muslin skirt - beige muslin dress - black gown with orange tulle.

black bell bottom pants - black mini dress - black capris - striped tube top - red dress with satin sash - black long fitted gown.

Burberry dress - water blue silk dress - white tube top - sky blue satin dress - black strapless top - white tube dress.

white apron - army fitted dress - white dress - army strapless top - skirt with red tulle - striped tube dress.

flower pants - blue dress - black and white dress with lace - muslin shorts - flower fitted dress - black tube top - muslin tube top.

blue pants - Burberry tube top - pink dress - Burberry skirt - plive green skirt - pink skirt - red long gown.

And now for some modelling ...

The black, the red and leopard print gowns are Ioanna's favorites (along with a long red gown with large skirt, not shown).
The leopard one was made from an old shower cap. Amazing full skirt, right?

I am going to try and make a coat!

Love playing with my little one and dress the Barbies!!!!


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