Monday, 13 May 2013

Brown Butter Glaze on vanilla cupcakes!

I was in the mood for vanilla. I don't know why, but I wanted my kitchen to be filled with aromas.
So I baked a few vanilla cupcakes, using my trusted recipe. Of course, for that vanilla fix I needed, I also added a scraped vanilla bean!

I didn't want any buttercream though, so I went for my next favourite thing: brown butter glaze!
Talking about smells in the kitchen, right?

The glaze is really easy to make:
Melt 125gr cow milk butter, until it is brown, smells caramelly and there are brown bits all over.
Pour it in a bowl and add icing sugar, until you get the consistency you want, thick or runny.
I wanted it to be somewhere in between, so that I can dunk my cupcakes.

 Freshly baked and waiting...

I took a cupcake in my hand, held it reversed and dunked it in the glaze. I lifted it and turned it around, so the excess glaze (there is such a thing????) could drip off and the cupcake wouldn't be overflown.
Then I put it on a wire rack to let the glaze dry.

Lovely little domes! I took them to work and they were vanished!

I was happy with the smells.... And the taste!


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