Thursday, 17 January 2013

Jason's birthday!

Jason is my nephew and he turned 1 in November.
I know that is has been over a month and this post should have been up a lot earlier, but I got round to it now.

My sister asked me to make a birthday cake and I also made a few sugar cookies, as I always do! Anything I can use as an excuse to make sugar cookies is fine by me!

The colour scheme I had in mind was baby blue and orange. Orange came out OK for the Royal Icing, but baby blue not so much. The butter in the buttercream has a slight yellowish colour, it is not white, so the addition of blue gave teal! The end result is fine though.

The cake layers are lemon cake and the filling is white chocolate ganache. On the cake layers I applied lemon curd to give a more intense lemon flavour, which I think pairs up nicely with white chocolate. I also added some chocolate chips in the filling.

I baked the cake layers in four shallow pans, in order to get the same size. I had to level them and also I trimmed the sides, so that they were softer.

I cut them in half and got 2 disks (not equal in thickness) from each layer.
The reason why is a little trick of mine, which I use to fill my layer cakes.....

I used the thinner disks as barriers for the ganache by cutting a circle in the middle of them and keeping the border. This inner circle of cake that I cut, I ate of course, but some other times I made cake pops.

Unfortunately I have no pics for that process....

On each cake layer I put a "barrier" on and I glued it with lemon curd. As this "barrier" was thin, there was plenty of room for the ganache. Plus I was certain there would be no runny sides!

This is a sketch of the inside of the cake. I always do it, because it helps me visualize the final outcome.

These are the sugar cookies. They are classic vanilla with royal icing, which I outlined and filled immediately with the same consistency RI.
The round sugar cookies were first outlined and then flooded, so you can see the difference.

The cake all set, ready to be transported to my sister's house! The outside is a satiny white chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream.
The orange details are made with the leftover RI. I wasn't too sure how it would turn out on a cake, but it was nice, it dried a bit so there was some crunchiness in every bite.

The thing is I have to remember to take pictures! Can you believe I don't have a picture of the inside of the cake? Ohhh, the layers were pretty!

My sister and everyone at the party loved it!!!!!!

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