Thursday, 6 December 2012

"New" blouse!

I have a few blouses from Zara, all the same model, but in different colours.

When I find an item that fits well and I like it a lot, then I try to buy more than one piece.

This particular top has a V-neck, no sleeves and it is draped in front. I have it in white, black, grey, red, beige, light blue, blue... (it also covers some problematic areas....)

When my white one got a bit worn, it showed on the neckline. So, instead of throwing it or using it as a duster, I thought why not up-cycle it?

This is what I did:
This is my grey top, just to show you how the neckline was originally.

 This is my finished white top.

I sewed a black transparent ribbon all around, with black thread. Then I got whatever I had around, but in a certain colour group.
Using thin satin ribbons I made flowers and placed here and there beads in several sizes and colours. Also, I added a piece of leather lace!

A little closer for details.

It is easy, plain, simple and it totally transformed my top!

I don't like throwing things away. I always try to think of ways to re-use them!

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