Thursday, 23 August 2012

Back to my routine!

Well, I am back. My summer holidays are over...

I am both sad and happy. Sad because we had a really lovely time and happy because we returned home. I always have these mixed feelings at the end of my vacation.

For the first part of our vacation we went to my parents' summer house up in the mountains. Ah, the cool climate, no air conditioning, a light blanket at night.... It is so refreshing up there! And about 15 minutes away from the beach, too!

My parents decided to plant a veggie garden this year, along side with their fruit trees.

Green peppers.
Red currants.

And more of course, but I didn't get any pictures.

Ioanna had a great time. She would ask for red currants all the time, so I went to the bush, cut some currants, washed them in the garden tap and she ate them right there.
We also had a special basket for Ioanna to hold and we went to pick ripe tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and peppers for a fresh healthy Greek salad (for which we used locally produced feta cheese from the near by village).

The next part of our vacation was spent by the sea.
We went to Kymi where we met up with family from G's side (cousins, my parents-in-law, aunts, etc.). We stayed at a hotel right by the sea. The beach was 1 minute away to walk but we also had the option of the pool, the kiddy pool that is! Ioanna would not come out!

Our balcony.
My Ioanna!
Do you see the children's pool? My little girl loved it!

This is our view.

Proudly standing in front of the hotel.
This is the sea side restaurant we were going for our late lunches. It is called "Skyros" and the food is amazing. Fresh fish and lobsters and anything else that the fishing boat brought back early in the morning!

I do pray that we can do this again next year! We had a very good time and we got to be all day with our Ioanna. Since G. and I both work, we really needed that...

Off to work now!

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