Thursday, 12 January 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Even though we are almost in the middle of January, I want to wish everybody a Happy and Healthy New Year 2012!
I didn't post anything these days, because I had little time and my hands full. I had a few days off work, so I spent them with my baby and my husband, plus I made preparations for my baby's Name Day!!!

This is what I did:
The theme was "Apples - Pears - Oranges", so I created a dessert table, trying to follow these colours.

 These are sugar cookies with royal icing, which I made using the outline and flooding technique.
 Also, there were cupcakes in matching colours. The cake was stratziatella and the frosting was classic buttercream (the green ones) and Swiss meringue buttercream (the orange and red ones).
 Of course we had to have cake pops (they are my husband's favourite treat). I made a whiskey cake with bitter chocolate and covered them in white chocolate.
 This is actually an upside down apple - pear pie dusted with icing sugar. We accompanied it with orange jam sauce.
I decided to cook something savoury to go with the wine. This is a ham and cheese tart (on the left), a mushroom tart (in the middle) and minced meat tartlets with mashed potatoes (barely visible on the right).
My mother-in-law brought lasagna and there was also a green salad with mozzarella and cherry tomatoes (not visible....).

I spent 3 days in the kitchen, but it was worth it. After all it was her first Name Day! Everybody loved the food! We had quite a day!!!!

 My princess and her tiara!

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