Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Anniversary Cake!

This is actually my first attempt with colored dough, which turned out quite nice! The filling was white chocolate mousse and I put Cream Cheese frosting on top.
The frosting was not stiff, so it ran. Next time will be better...

The taste, though was amazing!!!

 Then I cut holes in the middle and used different colour disks in each hole!

I prepared a light syrup, so that the cake would be moist.
Then I prepared the filling and the frosting and started assembling the Cake, using parchment paper.

This is the outcome and how it looks inside. The cake is colorful and so unusual! It would be so cute, if the frosting was thick....

My dear husband ate most of it !!!!!!!!

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Louise said...

Note to self: next time I will try to make white chocolate buttercream filling and see how it will come out!